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We offer technical assistance during the preliminary phase of the project or public call for tenders. We can provide any kind of geometrical analysis and a critical study of the form.
The VLP & Partners is specialized in the development of final and construction designs for very complex architectural forms using 3D software for product design. Our aim is to find geometrical rules in order to manage the architectural form of the design, by modifying the main dimensional parameters to respond to the architectural issues.

3d design

3d design

We offer technical assistance for the design, manufacture and installation of architectural façades, steel structures and complex shapes (i.e. Steel Structure design, curtain wall design with both single and double skin high-performances façades).
This means: technical assistance regarding the architectural concept; technical assistance for companies regarding façade systems; 3D modeling for visual or test mock-ups; final drawings and realistic views of the 3D model; construction drawings, shop drawings, geometrical parameters, developments, solid files for numerical control machines, .dxf for laser cutting.



Using 3D parametric software, we are able to optimize production through reduced changes to the design and by finding functional solutions. We search for solutions that simplify the production process. Automation: implementation of software to quickly obtain results, easily manage large quantities of data, ensure accurate results, and enhance the relationship between different software programs. We create procedures to ensure the quality, control and speed of the production process.



We can simplify project management through the ability to handle large amounts of data extracted directly from 3D models. The success of a project is a direct consequence of the rational management of each stage. In more detail: encoding pieces, packing lists, material lists, counting accessories. Orders, control of file transmission. Installation on site and its management. Revisions to the project during the development phase and subsequently to the laying.

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Thanks to the most advanced software we can help you to materialize your ideas and projects.
3D Models are used to quickly obtain simple models to test a design idea. Prototyping is a part of the product design process to allow engineers and designers to explore design alternatives, test theories and confirm performance. Prototyping brings together the work of architects, engineers, manufacturers and product designers to explore the importance of prototypes in the delivery of high-quality contemporary design.



We offer technical assistance for the approval of construction systems.
The selection, analysis and submission of the types of construction are carried out using 3D parametric models of the geometries and structural connections to study problems connected to interferences, installation and transport. Thanks to the 3D model VLP&Partners can provide graphic documents at any time while the whole structure is still developing in order to refine the design concepts.

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