025 Maroc Telecom


Maroc Telecom SA


Rabat, Maroc


SIMCO Tecnocoveing s.r.l. – GRUPPO SIMEON


Jean-Paul Viguier et Associés (Parigi, Francia) – Omar Kobbite (Casablanca, Marocco)



Maroc Telecom headquarters, more than 90m tall. Based on façade system drawings by Simco Tecnocovering, Studio VLP was commissioned to update and review the final design for approval and to provide the construction design of about 12,000m² of the double skin T1 façade. The design included the abacus of the inner skin, the carter system between the inner and outer skins, glass panels and stainless-steel structures for the external skin. Over 3500 different shop-drawings and over 200 site-drawings. VLP lastly provided final design of three 47-meter high antennas on the roof. The tower in Hay Riad Central Zone, Rabat – Morocco was inaugurated in June 2013.

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